Welcome to RooGames - the specialists in sports simulation software.  We produce, under licence from Lambourne Games , conversions of popular sports dice & chart games.  This web site will give you information on the products available and also give you an insight into the fascinating hobby of sports replay gaming.


The Registration Process


Each program downloaded will run for 3 days to allow you to decide whether you want to purchase the game. If you do, then you will need to e-mail your unique Evaluation and Machine IDs to Roogames, who will then issue you with the registration ID which allows you to unlock the program. You do not need to re-download, and any seasons you are currently re-playing can be continued. Registration IDs will normally be issued within 1 working day.  




Since we provide you with 3 days to evaluate each product and to ensure that the program successfully runs on your system, once a Registration ID has been issued for a product we are unable to issue any refund for the product.   


Sister Site - American Football


Visit www.secondandten.com to replay American Football


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You can contact us via e-mail at richard@roogames.co.uk




7th October 2016

Horse Racing

NH Sport of Kings

Motor Racing

World of Formula One

Rugby Union

Ruck and Maul


Headed Goal


Flying Shale


Wings Over France - April 1917


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